Company Profile

Our Motto

”Listen Well, Understand Right, Approach the Best in Practice”

Key Yazılım Çözümleri A.Ş.(Key Software Solutions Inc.) was established in 2004 by a team experienced in web-based software. Key Yazılım Çözümleri A.Ş. offers end-to-end integrated software solutions for various business processes for corporate customers with many information systems.

Key Yazılım which is continuing Research &Development (R&D) work for more than 10 years in Ankara Technology Development Zone (Bilkent Cyberpark). Key Yazılım develops e-business software for more than 100 corporate customers and operates most of them within the scope of SaaS service.

Key Yazılım continues its horizontal growth in the sector it serves with determined steps to reinforce its pioneering and leading position, on the other hand, efforts to develop pioneering solutions in the new sectors it focuses on. The software which % is 70 electronic signatures, works in integration with 3 big GSM operations. 

Our Mission

  • Developing Fintech intense solutions for the financial sector and other sectors serving this sector.
  • Developing solutions that include a risk-based approach in asset management in a way that can be customized according to the needs of different sectors
  • Developing solutions that include integration ability for in-house data flow and take place at decision points in information production.
  • Developing solutions that all internal and external individuals who play a role in the workflow of institutions take an active part and all stakeholders contribute to the production of information.

Our Vision

  • In the business process; to transform the information production opportunities that information systems bring to institutions into new information needs.

Key Yazılım, which offers corporate clients web-based e-business solutions;

Their staff which command as a target by saying “Listen Well, Understand Right, Approach The Most Effective in Practice” determined the basic principle.

Listen Well
The first step on the way to the “right software solution” for the customer is to listen carefully to demands and problems.

Understand Right
“Understanding is not enough to solve “, but if the analysis of what and how to do requested, it is possible.

Approach The Best in Practice
If the software is easy to process and reduces details, it is technically fast, as long as it is in a safe and secure condition. It is close to the best.

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