Objective and Rapid Valuation Company Assignment in INVEX -B Application

Objective and Rapid Valuation Company Assignment in INVEX -B Application
13 April 2022

In the INVEX Bank Application (INVEX-B), the Automatic Valuation Company Assignment structure started to be used according to the regional targets formed according to various performance criteria.

With the “Company Performance Scores” section developed in the INVEX-B application, the performance score is calculated for a certain region consisting of district groups of a valuation company in line with nearly 10 success criteria, especially the job delivery time, the number of returned jobs and the time spent in valuation company user roles. In the real estate valuation process, because the works with different actual use characteristics include different scopes, the relevant calculation is repeated separately for different actual use quality groups. The ranking that emerges with the performance scores calculated for the valuation companies provides the determination of the periodic job distribution rates for the relevant region.

In the assignment of preparing a real estate valuation report to be made in the relevant region over the determined work distribution ratio, INVEX-B makes the selection of the valuation company automatically. During the assignment, various special circumstances such as the company working on the same parcel recently are also taken into account in the company preference.

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